Sonic Pornography Story: Rouge

Sonic Pornography Story: Rouge


‘Life had never been better after the party at Vanilla’s, Sonic!’ Tails laughed. The two friends were playing basketball in a very hot summer afternoon. ‘I never knew the chicks around here were so slutty… there hasn’t been a day after the party I haven’t been fucked by one of them?’

‘So you’re catching up quite well, hey? You were a virgin just a few weeks ago.’

‘I know, but I think I’ve tried every position in existance by now. Yesterday I went to bed with Cream d her mother… they’re the most slutty family ever. They fucked me like crazy!’

‘You wanna know what I’ve been up to yesterday?’ Sonic grinned. ‘In the pool with Sally, Bunnie and Blaze, and Silver joined along. Bunnie has the greatest titfuck ever.’ (SEE ”SONIC’S SPLASH FIGHT” FOR THE FULL STORY)

‘Better than Vanilla’s?’ Tails gasped.

‘Better than Vanilla’s.’ Sonic repeated. ‘She made me cum all over her body.’

‘Did somebody say ”cum”?’ A sexy voice asked.

Tails and Sonic turned around and Rouge the Bat and Amy Rose appeared. They were both wearing extremely tight bikinis.

‘Why, hello there girls.’ Sonic grinned. ‘You look hot.’

‘It IS hot, Sonic.’ Amy smiled. ‘Me and Rouge just wondered if we some guys could help us cool down…’

‘How do you mean?’ Tails asked.

‘Like this.’ Rouge said and she ripped off her bra. Tails cheered and he sprinted towards Rouge with his arms stretched. He cupped Rouge’s breasts with his gloves and started sucking her nipple.

‘Oh… that’s a good horny boy Tails…’ Rouge moaned slutty.

Amy walked towards Sonic and kissed him, and Sonic kissed her back.

‘It’s been over three days you fucked me last time… Did you find some other girls to fuck?’ she asked him.

‘Well… yeah… we decided we can fuck who we want…’

‘I know silly, I had a threesome with Shadow and Knuckles last night.’ She smiled and Sonic gasped. ‘But there’s just no cock like yours… let’s get that thing out.’

Amy grabbed Sonic’s half-erect cock and started wanking it with her glove. She then pulled off her bra and kneeled down with her mouth facing his hard cock. Amy closed her lips around his dick and started sucking him. Sonic moaned and grabbed Amy’s head with two paws, slowly moving it forwards and back.

Tails was lying on his back while Rouge sucked his dick with her eyes closed. She still was probably the best cocksucker around; full of experience and sluttyness. Her tongue slipped around his shaft and her paw played with his tiny balls; Tails’ moaned in pleasure.

Sonic clinged his teeth around the string of Amy’s panty and jerked it off. Amy then throwed away her bra and Sonic lied down on the ground. Amy lied down on him with her pussy facing his mouth and her face towards his cock. They started 69-ing and Amy sucked the hell out of Sonic’s hard dick while he licked her wet pink pussy. They heard a scream and looked sideways; Rouge had began riding Tails cock. Her boobs bounced upwards with every hump and Rouge licked her own tits.

‘Mmmm… you’re becoming such a big boy Tails… I’m your dirty slut and you have to… ah… fuck me hard… day and night… fill my wet pussy with your beautiful dick…’ Rouge talked dirty. Sonic was getting horny from Rouge’s loud dirty talk and wanted to fuck Amy now. Amy lied down on her back and spreaded her legs, Sonic guided his cock between her tighs and penetrated her tight little slit.

‘Oh yeah, fuck me Sonic!’ Amy screamed and her mouth watered. Sonic started to thrust forward with his great speed, Amy’s sweating hot body glittering in the sun and her tonsils crying in extacy.

Rouge and Tails changed position. Rouge was bending over with her hands against a tree and Tails started to fly with his two tails, grabbed Rouge’s buttcheeks and penetrated her slit in the air. Rouge moaned and started to talk dirty again.

‘Yesss…. fuck me from behind stud, fuck my wet sopping pussy… fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme! I’m your slut and always will me! Pound my slit!’

Tails increased his speed and started to fuck Rouge even harder, which made the dirty talk even more dirty.

Amy and Sonic were both lying sideways, Sonic fucking her from behind. He had her firm breasts cupped with his gloved and nibbled her ear, Amy moaned slutty and was sweating in the sun like crazy.

Tails pulled out of Rouge’s pussy and pressed his cock against her butthole.

‘Wanna fuck me in the ass? Well you better fuck me hard, stud! Tear my ass apart!’ Rouge moaned. Tails pressed harder and increased his speed, penetrating her butt with his entire shaft.

‘FUCK YEAH! Fuck me hard now Tails, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass!’ Rouge screamed. Tails had his eyes closed and penetrated her rectum with full speed, his balls tingling in his sack. In the meantime, Rouge had three fingers in her pussy and roughly fingered her soaking slit.

Amy started to moan louder and louder; she felt a funny feeling in her stomach and her sweaty body shivered. She rubbed her own clit, with Sonic’s cock still in her pussy, and felt like releasing a whole lotta love; she screamed while orgasming as her vulva tightened around Sonic’s thrusting cock and pussyjuices ran down his dick. Sonic decided to slow down a little and fucked her slowly.

‘How would you like my cum, ma’am?’ Sonic whispered in her ear.

‘Over my entire body.’ Amy moaned. ‘Cool me down.’

Rouge was cumming too; she fingered and rubbed her pussy roughly and felt Tails’ dick pounding in her ass; her fingers became an entire mess when she screamed and her pussy came all over her hand. She then licked her hand with her tongue and called Tails down.

‘It’s time for my cooling down, stud. I want your jizz.’ Rouge smiled at the fox.

Amy and Rouge sat down on their knees next to each other, with their sexpartners facing towards them. Rouge gave Tails a titfuck and whispered dirty words in his ear. Amy wasn’t shaped right for a titfuck and gave Sonic a deepthroat, her lips reaching his balls without retching.

Tails and Sonic both felt like cumming at the same time; Sonic pulled out of Amy’s mouth and started to wank swiftly and Rouge started to squeeze her tits up and down a lot faster. Tails shouted and his cock erupted between Rouge’s tits; cumshots spouted upwards on Rouge’s face, and breasts. Rouge opened her mouth trying to catch his white member; she squeezed every drop out his dick to cool her down completely. She smiled and moaned satisfied, giving Tails throbbing cock one last suck to clean him up.

Amy backed a little down and closed her eyes to prevent an eyeshot and she waited for Sonic’s cum on her pink sweating body. Sonic moaned loudly and started cumming; a whole load splat down on her cute wet body and tits, another jet came down on her face and Sonic kept jerking his dick until every single drop of white cum fell down on her body. Amy and Rouge then rubbed their bodies full with semen until every inch of their body was covered by cum.

‘You boys go play, me and Amy can do some sunbathing now.’ Rouge winked to the two boys. Sonic and Tails left the two cumcovered ladies alone in the sunlight, hoping for more sex to have at home.

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