Sonic Pornography Story: A Sonic Hookup – Part 6 and Final

Sonic Pornography Story: A Sonic Hookup – Part 6 and Final

Read part 5 first.

Tails and Cream gazed upon the amazing orgy with their mouths wide open. Bunnie and Blaze already made the kids horny, and seeing all the sex around them made them even more. Tails instinct told him to masturbate and a second later he was rubbing his dick slowly, looking at all the fine ladies being fucked.

‘Looks like our little Tails is horny. Why don’t we give him a good time?’ Blaze winked.

‘Sounds like fun to me sugah!’ Bunnie said. ‘You comin’ with us honey?’ She said to Cream. Cream couldn’t take her eyes away from seeing her own mother lying on the carpet, being fucked by Silver, but Bunnie took her hand and walked to the couch, were Knuckles and Rouge were fucking.

Knuckles was sitting on the couch with Rouge face-to-face riding him. Her big boobs bounced around and Knuckles could finally compare the girls breasts: Rouge had no doubt the biggest, next being Vanilla. Bunnie was third and Blaze fourth. Then came Sally and finally Mina, Amy and the almost flat Cream was the smallest shaped.

‘Hey, I’m up here you idiot!’ Rouge said. Knuckles startled and looked into Rouge’s lustful eyes. ‘You should feel lucky… ah… fucking a woman with as much class as I have.’

‘Am I bigger then Shadow?’ Knuckles asked.

‘That’s a hard one. Pun intended.’ Rouge said. She started to bang harder and Knuckles moaned louder, his hands cupping her enormous breasts.

In the meantime, Blaze had taken the same position as Rouge and was fucking Tails. Tails moaned loudly in pleasure, his hands around Blaze’s long tail. Blaze panted while Bunnie and Cream were lying on the floor in 69 position.

‘Y’all doin’ great as the new rabbit!’ Bunnie smiled and continued to lick Cream’s slit. She moaned and carried on with Bunnie’s wet pussy.

Silver was fucking Vanilla on the floor in missionary. Her breasts bounced upwards with every of Silver’s thrust, her legs around his body. Vanilla was also enjoying the newcomer in the group and relaxed from the previous threesome she had with a slow but exciting tempo.

Mina finally got what she had wanted for years: Sonic’s cock in her pussy. She was lying doggy style over the chair, Sonic’s fucking her from behind. Sally encouraged the couple, touching Mina sometimes and taking Sonic’s cock out of her pussy to give it a few wanks or sucks.

Shadow was still fucking Amy anally but he was surprised about how she had changed in passion. At first she acted like she was being raped, but now it looked like she was enjoying it, encouraging him and even talking dirty!

‘Fuck your slut you fucking jerk. Abuse my slutty body, just like you fucked your other slut you asshole. Tear my ass apart, cum inside me, just fuck me hard!’ Shadow responded by fucking her ass even harder and soon felt his balls contracting. He knew his orgasm was coming up.

‘You want me to cum in your ass? Here it is, bitch!’ Shadow growled and he unleashed his sperm inside Amy’s rectum. Amy screamed as she felt her butt filling up with his hot sticky jizz. Shadow pulled out his cock as his load of semen started to drip out of Amy’s asshole. Shadow hummed satisfied as he just walked away.

‘You asshole!’ Amy screamed, the thick liquid running down her pink legs.

Shadow was not the only one who’s orgasm was coming near: Tails and Blaze both orgasmed at the same time. Blaze’s pussy thightend around Tails’ cock as he splurted all his foxsplooge in her tight cat-pussy. They both smiled at each other and kissed. Meanwhile, Bunnie was fingering a heavily screaming Cream to her orgasm. Bunnie licked up her pussyjuices and kissed her.

‘Don’t worry ’bout me, ah’ll find another guy to make me cum. You need to rest a bit lil’ beauty.’ Bunnie smiled.

Knuckles was getting a blowjob by Rouge and felt he was cumming too: He pulled out of Rouge’s mouth and unleashed al his sperm over her hot tits, face and body. He came for seconds and had stained Rouge’s body with his member, Rouge licking the last drops of his dick. Then Knuckles walked away.

‘Where do you think you’re going mister?’ Rouge asked angrily. ‘I haven’t cum yet!’

‘Too bad, I just saw Bunnie’s free.’ Knuckles grinned.

Sonic was fucking Sally missionary. Mina was lying next to her and had already cummed: Her first sex with Sonic had been too exciting for her to last longer. Sally was orgasming too as her pussy clinged around Sonic’s cock and she shouted out when her stomach released that inner feeling only Sonic could give her. Sonic then felt like cumming to; he pulled out of Sally’s slit and started wanking over her body. Both girls soon moved their heads toward the throbbing cock and opened their slutty mouths as it splurted jets of member in their mouths, on their faces and breasts. Mina and Sally then shared the cum like best friends and licked it of their bodies. Sonic looked satisfied at the hungry girls when he heard a voice screaming.

‘Now there’s no way out of fucking me!’ Amy screamed.

Silver was enjoying Vanilla’s speciality: Her delicious titfuck. Silver moaned as Vanilla pressed her big breasts together and moved them up and down to stimulate his white cock. He felt like orgasming for the second time that evening and splurted his cum over Vanilla’s face and neck. Vanilla moaned satisfied.

‘You can go play with the other kids now, honey. I want to have a talk with my daughter first.’

Knuckles and Bunnie were fucking missionary, their strong bodies cuddling each other while fucking. Knuckles thrusted forward slowly with his chest against Bunnie’s big breasts while Bunnie pulled him towards her with her robotic arm.

‘You have passion, sugah, ah didn’t know…’ Bunnie moaned in pleasure.

Shadow had found another partner in Blaze. He was lying comfortably on the couch while the busty cat was riding his big black cock. He stroke her breasts which made Blaze shiver in pleasure, her tail waving around while stroking Shadow’s spines.

Silver was fucking Mina. Another woman had fallen for his charms as they kissed passionatly while slowly penetrating her tight vagina. Silver sucked her nipples and Mina swinged her long purple hair out of her blushing face, enjoying every of his touches.

Tails was a lucky guy once again: He was getting his cock sucked by both Rouge and Sally. Sally, a real cumslut, had licked all of Knuckles’ sperm of Rouge’s body before beginning with sucking her ‘nephew’ off. Rouge tickled his balls while Sally sucked his shaft, looking in his eyes with their cumhungry look. The girls then commanded Tails to lie down on the couch, next to Blaze and Shadow. Tails laid down and Sally sat down on his cock and began riding him. Then he felt a pussy pressing against his face: Rouge was demanding being eaten out by the young fox. He immediatly started licking out Rouge’s wet little slit as both the girls moaned in pleasure from the little boy’s passion.

‘I heard you were deflowered tonight.’ Vanilla said to her daughter. They were both sitting on a chair, a naked Cream on her naked mother’s lap, looking at all the couples having it on.

‘Yeah… Tails… Rouge… I’m sorry mommy.’ Cream cried ashamed.

‘I’m not mad at you. Not at all, honey. But I thought, since I’m a single mother, maybe we can spend the rest of my lonely nights in the same bed? A little mother-daughter love?’

‘What?’ Cream whispered and her mother moved her head towards her daughter’s lips.

‘Why don’t we practice right now?’ Vanilla whispered back and she kissed her daughter on the lips. Cream kissed her mother back and some drool dripped down their lips. Cream tasted a little bit of cum, which could be anyone’s by now, knowing her mother better. Vanilla still had some cumspots on her body which Cream searched for and licked clean. She then moved downwards to her mother’s breast and started to suck her nipple, like she did as a baby just a few years ago. When she reached her vagina, she started licking her mother’s wet cunt and Vanilla moaned in pleasure.

‘That’s right honey… ah… eat your mother out…’

Amy jumped upon Sonic and kissed him on his lips. Sonic was surprised but kissed her back. Amy was the leading lady; she opened her mouth and let her tongue slip into Sonic’s. Amy then grabbed Sonic’s cock with her glove and started wanking him clumsily.

‘You’re a virgin aren’t you?’ Sonic grinned.

‘Yes.’ Amy moaned emberassed.

‘Not for long!’ Sonic said and he pushed Amy to the ground. Amy opened her legs and was ready to receive her first cock in her pussy. Sonic pushed his cock against her slit.

‘Ready?’ Sonic asked.

‘Ready!’ Amy cried out.

Sonic penetrated the pink girl’s pussy and popped her cherry. She screamed for a second and a drip of blood streamed down her butt, but in a matter of second the pain was replaced by lust. It was better than she ever imagined; all the times she masturbated with Sonic on her mind, she didn’t know vaginal sex was that good. Everybody else in the room disappeared; it was only her and Sonic. She felt like a godess, every single nerve in her body tickled; she felt like conquering the world.

Everybody in the living room became exausted of all the sex; Silver splurted his cum into Mina’s wet slit; Shadow’s cum shined in the moonlight on Blaze’s torn ass; Bunnie’s pussy tightend around Knuckles’ throbbing dick; Sally and Rouge tried to catch Tails’ last shots of cum which splurted upwards like a fountain; and Vanilla and Cream hugged after their incestious orgasms. The last couple that was left was paying a visit to heaven.

Amy screamed in euphoria as Sonic banged her harder and harder. At first he thought Amy was just another fuck for the night; but it was different. It felt right, it felt like the winning ticket. Amy had something none of the other girls could give, and Sonic’s head was up in the clouds. As for Amy, she had no memories whatsoever. She couldn’t think, it was that great. She thought she heard her own voices screaming somewhere far away, but she could only scream out silence with every of the handsome blue hedgehog’s thrust. Then she felt like dying; a great flood of lust, excitement and euphoria bubbled in her stomach. She felt the big cock pushing against her uterus as she felt a great release; the cock became tighter around her pussy and she splurted out all of the romantic frustration she had felt before; she was one with the gods as she orgasmed and her world ended for a few seconds.

Everybody was watching the two lovers as Amy screamed like she was insane and Sonic knew he was cumming too; he didn’t mind to pull out and launched all of his hedgehogmember into the pink tight little slit of Amy Rose. Vanilla, Sally, Mina… none of those girls could give him a better orgasm. Amy calmed down and they looked into each others eyes. They kissed passionatly and cuddled. No words could follow up their amazing experience.

All the partypeople were lying on the floor or on the couch, exhausted, holding each other tight or cuddling each other.

‘Well…’ Vanilla said, caressing her sleepy daughter, ‘this party was a great succees. We must do it again soon.’

Everybody made approving noises and nodded. Sonic and Amy were still kissing.

‘I never had this much fun in my entire life.’ Rouge said, her hands running through Shadow’s chest hair. ‘What about from now on, we can fuck everyone who we want, when we want?’

Everybody agreed instantly with this decission. The future looked bright for the circle of friends: This orgy was the beginning of a brand new life.

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