Sonic Pornography Story: Fists’ Big-chested Venture Part Two

Sonic Pornography Story: Fists’ Big-chested Venture Part Two


Rouge woke up with two strong arms embrassing her. His arms were red and the two gloves had two pointy knuckles on them. Slowly, Rouge started to remember what happened last night and opened her eyes. They were still in Bunnie’s room and the blankets were still wet. Rouge smiled when she felt something hard touching her leg and she looked down. Knuckles was still asleep, but his cock was in it’s morning-erection. She became horny immediatly and slipped out of Knux’ arms and went down, facing his cock. She pulled his shaft for a while and Knuckles moaned in his sleep. She then closed her lips around his big cock and started sucking him off.

Knuckles moaned harder and opened his eyes.

‘Rouge?’ he moaned.

‘Good morning honey. Just relax.’ Rouge smiled. ‘This is just a way of saying thank you for yesterday.’

‘Yeah, yesterday was great.’ Knuckles sighed and she continued her blowjob.

‘I think we went a little emotional yesterday.’ Knuckles moaned. ‘About this stuff like being always together… we can still fuck others, right?’

Rouge giggled while sucking. ‘Of course, honey, it was me who suggested it.’ Rouge licked his shaft. ‘But you can concider us a couple from now on.’

‘Wow, we a couple, who’d have ever thought.’ Knuckles moaned. ‘Keep going baby.’

Rouge sucked Knuckles in silence for a minute until he felt his orgasme steaming inside him.

‘Oh… I’m cumming baby…’ Knuckles moaned.

‘Gimme it, give it to me, baby.’ Rouge panted and she opened her mouth. Knuckles growled and he spurted all of his member into Rouge’s slutty mouth. Rouge moaned and laughed while Knuckles wanked the last drops of cum out of his dick. Rouge licked her lips and swallowed the whole load, sucking Knuckles’ cock again to get all of his cum out of his balls.

Knuckles dropped down on bed and Rouge crawled towards him. He hugged her, Rouge pressed her head against his chest and he caressed her tits.

‘Very sweet guys.’ A voice said and Knuckles and Rouge startled. Bunnie stood in the doorway with a naughty smile. ‘But ah’d like to have my house back now.’

‘Sorry Bunnie.’ Knuckles grinned and he stood up. ‘We kinda messed up your blankets…’

‘Oh, that happens to me all the time.’ Bunnie laughed and she walked toward Knuckles. She wiped her hand on his chest and arms.

‘You’re all sweaty, sugah-Knux.’ Bunnie said. ‘Why don’t you take a shower?’

‘You coming along, Rouge?’ Knuckles asked.

‘She can go after you, we have to do a little girl talk.’

Knuckles walked to the shower and Rouge hugged her friend.

‘Your plan worked perfectly! We’re a couple now!’ Rouge smiled.

‘That’s great, sugah!’ Bunnie smiled and she hugged Rouge, her big naked tits pressing against Bunnie’s. ‘You should’ve seen him when Vanilla ‘n me took care of him; he was sucking our hooters like a baby!’

‘Where did you and Vanilla go to after it was my turn?’

‘We banged the night out of lil’ Cream.’ Bunnie smiled. ‘Just a lil’ fun between bunnies, if you know what ah mean.’

‘Thank you so much for helping me out. Is there anything I can do for you?’

‘Well…’ Bunnie licked her lips. ‘There is a young handsome stud in the shower over there… and Vanilla ‘n sugah-Van think we might be a lil’ teasy yesterday. We still want a piece o’ him, and ah think he wants too. Having a lil’ busty adventure tonight…’

‘Well… the whole idea was to get him off this boob-craze…’

‘He’s a changed man now, ain’t he? Just like you. Ah’m sure it’ll be fine.’

‘Oh, why not. Let’s not tell him, it’d be a great surprise!’ Rouge smiled. ‘Meet me in my hut 10 PM tonight.’

‘We’ll be there sugah. Now get yer cute lil’ butt inside that shower.’ Bunnie smiled and she gently slapped against Rouge’s ass. Rouge smiled naughty to the rabbit and she went into the foggy shower.

It was 10 PM and the girls were in Rouge’s room. The lights were out but the candles brightened the room. The girls were all dressed up in their most sexy looks; Rouge had a black set of lingerie, with long stockings and leather gloves. Bunnie was wearing a pink nightrobe with very small panties and her long blonde hair combed backwards; Vanilla wore a vintage bra, underwear and bow-tie. They smelled like bathing soap and had spend hours in the bathroom applying their make-up. Finally, they were all ready for the guy they longed for.

The door opened and Knuckles entered the room.

‘Rouge? Are you read- Holy shit!’ Knuckles yelled as he saw the three girls posing for him. ‘Wow, déja vu… is this therapy again?’

‘No honey. This time, we’re all yours.’ Rouge said and she winked.

‘Cum ‘n get us, sugah!’ Bunnie laughed and she stroke her breast.

Knuckles nervously walked towards the bed and stepped on it. He fell down on his knees and watched the girls with his mouth wide open.

‘Oh my god… you’re all… so… cute…’ Knuckles stuttered.

‘Get down, playboy!’ Rouge said and she pushed him down on bed. The busty girls crawled towards and over him and began touching and caressing him. Knuckles smiled while Rouge’s leather glove slid around his chest, Bunnie’s furry hand caressed his stomach and Vanilla grabbed his crotch.

A big, red cock rised upwards and Vanilla squealed in surprise. She grabbed his dick with her hand and started rubbing it slowly.

‘Yeah baby, that’s the spot…’ Knuckles moaned and Bunnie went downwards too, joining Vanilla. Rouge grabbed his head and kissed him.

‘You can do whatever you want with us, but there’s just one thing I want you to do.’ Rouge whispered in his ear.

‘What’s t-that?’ Knuckles moaned. Vanilla had begun sucking his cock while Bunnie sucked his ballsack.

‘Don’t try too hard. Don’t hold back. Don’t try to save your cum for a showoff final spurt at the end. Cum whenever you ready, wherever we want you to.’

‘I’ll try.’ Knuckles grinned and Rouge kissed him. She pulled down her bra and moved her big breast towards his mouth; Knuckles cupped her breast and sucked her nipple.

‘Yesss… suck it, baby.’ Rouge panted.

Vanilla and Bunnie had taken off their bra’s too and pushed their breast against each other, with Knuckles’ cock between them. They started to push their tits upwards and downwards, stimulating Knuckles’ rock hard shaft. The girls giggled and enjoyed this new experience.

Knuckles moaned with Rouge’s nipple in his mouth and sucked harder. Rouge moaned back. ‘That’s it girls, give him all you’ve got!’

Knux knew he made a promise to Rouge but he really didn’t want to cum so soon; he let go of Rouge’s breast and calmed the rabbit-girls down.

‘That was great ladies, but now I want some pussy. Who wants first?’

‘I can wait.’ Rouge smiled. ‘But I think Vanilla has been waiting the longest time…’

Vanilla blushed and crawled towards Knuckles. Knux kissed her and cupped her big, mature yet firm breasts in his hand. They felt great, as usual.

‘I’ve missed your cock ever since we did it the first time…’ Vanilla admitted and Knuckles knew she ment his threesome with Sonic (A Sonic Orgy Part 1). She slowly pulled his cock with her hand.

‘I must say, I’ve missed you too. Sonic and I had great fun with you.’ Knuckles grinned. ‘How do you want it?’

‘Just you relax, honey, and let me do all the work.’ Vanilla said and she pushed him down on bed again. She sat down on his stomach and rubbed his dick.

‘You know what I like about you so much, Knuckles?’ Vanilla panted and she moved her butt upwards. She then sat down on his cock which completely penetrated her pussy with his red dick.

‘You’re… so… big!’ Vanilla moaned and she started riding him. Knuckles grabbed her butt with two hands and hummed satisfied while the rabbit MILF banged his cock.

Rouge and Bunnie warmed eachother up; the girls kissed and touched each other’s breast while Rouge stroke Bunnie’s pussy with her glove; wet spots on Rouge’s leather gloves indicated Bunnie was getting into the wet mood.

Vanilla looked behind her with a panting smile. Vanilla’s wet vulva slid up and down his big red shaft with powerful thrusts of Vanilla’s butt. Her boobs bounced upwards whenever she thrusted down, her hair swinging along.

Rouge had started licking Bunnie’s slit. Bunnie moaned and pushed Rouge’s head harder against her vagina. Vanilla started to bounce harder and harder and her moans evolved into squeals.

‘Oh Knuckles… such a big… oh… you’re making me cum!’

Vanilla banged harder and harder and came with a powerful moan. Her uterus contracted and her vulva tightened around his big cock; juices flowing down his red shaft on his pubic area. Vanilla moaned softer but he could hear she was exhausted from her passionate cockriding.

‘You’re tired?’ Knuckles asked. Vanilla nodded. ‘Can I try your speciality again?’ Knuckles panted. Vanilla smiled flattered.

‘Anytime baby. Common.’ Vanilla jumped off his dick and laid down on bed. Knuckles sat down on her tummy like before and pressed his cock between her firm furry tits.

‘Oh, that feels good.’ Knuckles moaned as Vanilla squeezed her breasts against his cock and pushed them up and down. She fingered her wet pussy and spread the juices over his cock to make it more slippery; she looked at him with her happy mouth open wide, softly panting.

‘That’s it baby, I’m almost there…’ Knuckles growled. ‘Ever wanted a pearl necklace?’

‘You’re spoiling me.’ Vanilla smiled and opened her mouth wide while pressing her breast harder against his cock and rubbing it with her flesh; Knuckles screamed and a big jet of cum launched out of his cock into her mouth. Another load splashed against her neck; he then pulled his dick out of her cleavage and rubbed it over her tits; pulling his cum out of his cock.

‘Hey, not too generous! You’ve got two other girls to fill!’ Rouge said and she and Bunnie approched Vanilla. ‘Your turn Bunnie, I’ll concern myself about the mess he made.’

Bunnie immediatly dropped down and began sucking Knuckles slowly descending cock, which became erect in an instant.

‘Nobody gets soft on me.’ Bunnie mumbled with her mouth full of cock. Knuckles moaned and caressed her blonde hair while Rouge had began licking sperm of Vanilla’s neck and tits.

‘You know how I like it best sugah!’ Bunnie said and she crowled down on hands and knees, her asshole and pussy visable under her cottontail.

‘Hard, deep and from behind.’ Knuckles smiled and he pressed his cock against her slit. With one thrust he penetrated her entire hole and Bunnie moaned loudly.

‘Yesss… fill my cunt…’ She moaned. Knuckles started thrusting forward and Bunnie moaned with every thrust, biting on her lip.

‘How’s our southern belle?’ Rouge smiled. She had a little bit of cum on her cheek and Vanilla’s chest was shiny and clean.

‘As tight as usual.’ Knuckles smiled. Rouge kissed him while he fucked Bunnie with both hands cupping her buttcheeks. Vanilla slowly masturbated on the other bedside, looking at the teenagers having sex. Rouge then crawled towards Bunnie and played with her tits, who were pushed against the matrass.

‘I heard you like being double penetrated.’ Rouge whispered in her long ears. Bunnie nodded, panting. ‘Then you’re in luck tonight.’ Rouge grabbed the red dildo from out of nowhere she found in a bunch of flowers, just yesterday. ‘Remember this?’

‘Y-yeah…’ Bunnie panted. ‘We thought you m-might n-need it… ah…’

‘It’s really big. Maybe bigger then Knuckles. I did some sowing work this afternoon, and now it’s a strap-on. Consider yourself filled tonight.’

Vanilla was really exited by this and blushed while fingering her clit. Rouge strapped the big red dildo on her crotch and laid down on bed.

‘Change of position Knuckles, bring her over here!’ Rouge laughed while rubbing her plastic dick.

‘Okay!’ Knuckles panted and he grabbed Bunnie with his enormous strength, placing her slowly on top of Rouge. Their enormous breasts were pressed against each other and Rouge’s strap-on pressed against Bunnie’s robotic legs.

‘Move up, honey- that’s right.’ Rouge said and Bunnie placed herself into doggy style-position once again. Rouge penetrated her slit with the big red dildo and Bunnie screamed loudly. Then Knuckles pressed his cock against Bunnie’s tight butthole.

‘Don’t doubt sugah, fuck me hard!’ Bunnie moaned and Knuckles penetrated her ass completely. Bunnie screamed and Rouge and Knuckles started fucking her hard. Bunnie had never had two cocks this big filling her both holes – therefore it was also the best sex she ever had. Bunnie drooled over Rouge’s tits while Rouge talked dirty to her in her big hanging ears;

‘Yess… feel sexy, with two dicks in your holes, southern slut? You like it, don’t ya? Say you like it, little whore. You want sugar? We’ll fill your throat with sugar, but first you fuck these two dicks with all your sluttyness.’

Bunnie was not offended by this but more turned on and her pussy was soaking wet. Vanilla didn’t mind not being part of the threesome and just lied there on the bed, rubbing her pussy and cupping her own breast.

‘Oh mah fucking starsss…. AH’M CUMMING!’ Bunnie cried out and her pussy imploded with wet juices; Rouge’s dildo became soaking wet and Knuckles penetrated her ass deep.

‘I’m cumming too baby… where d’you want it?’ Knuckles panted.

‘In mah throat baby, make me swallow it!’ Bunnie moaned, still dizzy because of her orgasm.

‘Okay, just hang on some longer…’ Knuckles said and he started to fuck her ass again. Bunnie moaned harder but hanged on, enjoying Knuckles’ last thrusts.

‘Oh fuck… here I cum baby!’ Knuckles said and he jumped out of Bunnie’s ass, pushed his cock in her throat and spurted all of his cum inside. Bunnie closed her eyes and tried to save some for the rest; but his cock was so deep she was forced to swallow it. Bunnie gobbled and almost retched; when Knuckles pulled out of her mouth, there was just a few drops left.

‘Share some, baby!’ Rouge smiled. Bunnie opened her mouth and the small amount of cum dripped down in Rouge’s hungry mouth. Rouge swallowed all and licked her lips.

‘Not much, but it’s about the quality.’ She smiled. ‘You’ve done great honey. Why don’t you play with Vanilla for a while.’

Bunnie nodded and Rouge stood up. She unstrapped the plastic dick and handed it over to Vanilla. Knuckles semi-erect cock then pushed against Rouge’s leg.

‘You’re a great lover, baby.’ Rouge smiled and she grabbed Knuckles cock. ‘You made two girls happy. Still got some left for number three?’

‘Everything for you, babe.’ Knuckles smiled and he kissed Rouge on her lips. Rouge then fell down on her back and spreaded her legs, her pink wet pussy exposed.

‘Missionary; cum inside.’ Rouge commanded. Knuckles approved and jumped in between Rouge’s wide legs. He penetrated her slit, hold her tight and pressed his head next to hers.

‘Yesss baby, fuck your little slut.’ Rouge moaned and she held Knuckles’ body close to hers, her boobs pressing against his chest.

Bunnie and Vanilla were having fun with the strap-on; Bunnie was fucking Vanilla from aside with her leg spreaded into the airand her pussy tight around the plastic cock. Bunnie held Vanilla’s firm boob in her hand and nibbled her hanging ear while Vanilla panted and moaned.

Rouge continued talking dirty. ‘Yes, that’s the spot… I’m… yes… I’m cumming honey. You cumming too? Cum with me baby. Cum along with your slutty batgirl.’ Rouge whispered in Knuckles air. He started growling and thrusted harder between his legs, the last of his cum bubbling inside his scrotum.

‘Here it comes…’ Knuckles growled and Rouge moaned; Rouge’s pink pussy tightened around Knuckles shaft, which released all of his goo into the bat’s cunt. Rouge gasped and started laughing in pleasure; Knuckles laughed along while his cum filled her pussy completely. They heard a moaning sound and looked to the source; Bunnie was fucking Vanilla with great power who screamed for her orgasm.

‘Oh… Bunnie… CUMMING!’ Vanilla cried out and she orgasmed once again. Bunnie and Vanilla french kissed with the fake red dick still inside the MILF’s pussy. Vanilla calmed down from her orgasm and the foursome then got together and kissed each other passionatly, thanking them for their deeds.

Rouge and Knuckles where lying on the bed with their legs wide open; Bunnie was sucking Knux’ dick clean and Vanilla licked all the sperm out of Rouge’s pink pussy.

‘What do you – ahh – think of our two playbunnies?’ Rouge smiled at Knuckles.

‘They’re the – oh fuck Bunnie – the greatest.’ Knuckles smiled back.

‘Now we’ve had a orgy with a majority of girls – oh yeah, work your tongue inside Vanilla – what about you give me some guys to fuck?’

‘You want more guys?’ Knuckles asked.

‘I’ve always fantasized – ahh-  about a bukkake.’ Rouge smiled naughty. ‘Sperm all over my body…’

‘Hey, you know our motto. If you want something here, you can get it.’

‘I fucking love you, Knuckles.’ Rouge smiled and he hugged the red echidna; Knuckles hugged her back while the two bunnies crawled upwards, Bunnie hugging Knuckles and Vanilla hugging Rouge; until they fell asleep to their wet dreams of sexual fantasies.

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